Ancient Coptic city discovered in New Valley


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A Supreme Council of Antiquities mission has discovered a Coptic city dating back to the fourth century. The city is located in the Ain al-Sabil area of the New Valley Governorate. 

The main hall of the church unearthed during routine excavations at the Ain Al-Sabil area of Dakhla oasis [Source: Ahramonline]

In the middle of the city, a basilica church was found, surrounded by buildings that Council Secretary General Mostafa Amin said were service units for the priests. “We never had an excavation in Ain al-Sabil before,” said Amin. “Maybe we’ll find other antiquities that would add to Egypt’s archaeological treasures.” 

Remains of a house excavated at the Ain Al-Sabil area of Dakhla oasis [Source: Ahramonline]

Mohsen Ali, the council’s director of Islamic and Coptic antiquities, said the mission also uncovered a house that consists of a big hall, living rooms, a main entrance, a kitchen with a built-in oven and an intact staircase, in addition to ancient bronze coins and clay jugs. 

Author: Mona Yassin | Source: Al Masry Al Youm [November 30, 2011]



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