Ancient burial chamber opened


A cist burial (burial chamber) was opened by a team of archaeologists headed by K. P. Rao of the University of Hyderabad, as part of the ongoing archaeological excavation at the megalithic site on the campus of SR&BGNR Government Degree College here on Thursday. 

The team launched excavation of two stone circles and one stone circle with cairn pack burial of the megalithic site early this month. 

Around 20 megaliths are spread across the sprawling college campus. Some of them were dug up by anti-social elements in the past under the impression that the site contained hidden treasure. 

Meanwhile, the excavation team opened the oblong chamber at one of the stone circles in the presence of media personnel. College principal S. Madhava Rao, lecturer in history John Milton, and a host of others were present. 

‘No hidden treasure’ 

Prof. K.P. Rao said the chamber was opened in the presence of mediapersons to dispel misconceptions among the general public that the site contained treasure. 

The megalithic graves contain pottery, skeletal remains, and iron objects, he said, adding that some pottery and skeletal remains were found in the oblong chamber that was opened earlier in the day. 

“We are hopeful that the excavation will yield important archaeological remains of the megalithic era in the next few days,” he said. 

It would not only help enhance our understanding of the hoary past, but conserve the glorious cultural heritage of the bygone era, he added. 

Source: The Hindu [May 18, 2012]