Ancient Buddhist Monastery unearthed in Sri Lanka


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Ruins of a flat building have been discovered at Sri Lanka’s Sithulpawwa archaeological site, Archaeological Director General Senarath Dissanayake said.

Ancient Buddhist Monastery unearthed in Sri Lanka
The remains of the ancient Buddhist Monastery unearthed 
at Sithulpawwa [Credit: Daily News]

The Director General said archaeologists believe that the ruins of the building could be an ancient Buddhist monastery dating back to second or third AD.

Gold plated pieces of urns have been found from the Sithulpawwa site for the first time.

This ancient building was situated in the Aimira cave at the Sithulpawwa site.

The ruins emerged when a group of workers of the Archaeological Department in the Southern Province were excavating the site under the guidance of the Archaeological Director General recently.

Sithulpawwa site officer-in-charge and archaeology research assistant Buddhi Nanayakkara said that the building could be of multiple stories.

The length of the building is 13.5 m while it is 11 m wide. It is believed that the building is the oldest among others buildings at the Sithulpawwa monastery site.

Pieces of gold plated urns, coloured urns, old tiles, old coins and old iron nails were also found beside the building.

Archaeological Department officials have taken steps to conserve the site after excavations.

Source: Daily News [November 04, 2014]



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