8,500-year-old burial discovered in northwestern Turkey


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Archaeologists in northwestern Turkey’s Bilecik have discovererd a human skeleton that dates back to an estimated 8,500 years.

8,500-year-old burial discovered in northwestern Turkey
Credit: AA

The skeleton was found in the yard of an apartment building. The site, likely one of the first spots of human settlements in western Anatolia, was first discovered after a resident reported some ceramic fragments found there to the Archaeology Museum. Excavation works began last year.

8,500-year-old burial discovered in northwestern Turkey
Credit: AA

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) previously determined that the settlement was first established at least 9,000 years ago and life continued there for at least 500 years. Tools made of stone and tools made out of bones were also previously discovered in the area.

8,500-year-old burial discovered in northwestern Turkey
Credit: AA

Bilecik Governor Bilal Senturk told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the area has great historical importance with regards to the city and its environment and that the works are being carried out by experts from the city’s Seyh Edebali University.

“The skeleton will be considered as the oldest human skeleton found in western Anatolia,” he said.

Experts are now working to determine the skeleton’s gender and the exact period it belongs to.

Source: Daily Sabah [August 25, 2020]



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