7000 years old settlement found in Bulgaria


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Bulgarian archaeologists discovered what they believe to be the oldest town in Europe, local media reported. Dubbed a ‘proto-town’, the site is situated near the town of Pazardzhic, in the center of the country. 

Bulgarian archeologists have discovered walls, a door, and a ditch with a platform, believed to have belonged to the oldest settlement in Europe [Credit: actualno.com]

In 2008 the team of archaeologist Yasen Boyadzhiev found in the area a large ancient graveyard, which became known under the current name of the area, Yunatsite (The Heroes). Later the excavations were extended and yesterday the researchers announced they have found a surprisingly large settlement, which during 4700-4600 BC spread over 100 000 sq m. 

The site possessed all the features of an urban center, Yasen Boyadzhiev was quoted to say. His team discovered vast fortified walls – one wall five meters wide and at least five meters tall, a ditch and then another defence wall, all running along each other. 

The citadel was surrounding only the highest part of the settlement, and beyond its walls the buildings continued. Within the walls the archaeologist discovered not only houses, but also what was apparently workshops center. Some of the found artefacts speak of advanced production skills. 

So far constructions of this scale and planning were found only in settlements of much later periods, such as classical antiquity. “Our conclusion would be that the urban planning, as we know it in Medeaval Europe, already existed at least several thousand years earlier,” Yasen Boyadzhiev said.

Source: Balkan Travellers [June 05, 2011]



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