4,700 year old skeleton found in Vietnam


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Vietnamese archaeologists have found a 4,700-year-old skeleton in the southern province of Long An.

4,700 year old skeleton found in Vietnam
Archaeologist excavate a site in the southern province of Long An
[Credit: Nguyen Khanh Trung Kien]

The skeleton, believed to be that of a 1.5 meter tall human being, was found burying in a grave measuring 0.5 meter wide by 2 meters long, according to the archaeologists from the Southern Social Sciences Institute.

The discovery was made when they were excavating a 100-square-meter area in the Lo Gach hamlet, Vinh Hung district.

Nguyen Khanh Trung Kien, vice director of the institute’s Archaeology center, said the skeleton may date back to 2,700 BC.

The scientists also found other relics, including working tools, pieces of fish and animal bones.

Source: Thanh Nien [May 06, 2014]



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