39 Parthian, Sassanid graves discovered in northern Iran


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39 ancient graves were discovered during the fourth season of the field research in the ancient enclosure of Liar Sang bon in Amlash, in Iran’s northeastern Gilan Province.

39 Parthian, Sassanid graves discovered in northern Iran
39 Parthian, Sassanid graves discovered in northern Iran
Credit: IRNA

Vali Jahani, head of the exploration team, was quoted by the Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) as saying that explorations were conducted in four areas.

The archaeologist said the discovered graves involve pit, crypt and jar burials and that characteristics of the objects found at the site show the time period of the mid-Parthian to the middle Sassanid periods. He added that C14 tests also confirmed this .

Referring to the history of archaeological study and exploration in the area, Jahani said the area had been explored in previous years and valuable cultural data from those period had been identified.

He further remarked that, generally speaking, the research  carried out so far on the burial site illustrate the regional and trans-regional contact of the inhabitants with various regional cultures, such as the tribes living in the northern shores of the Caspian Sea and steppes of southern Russia or modern Armenia, especially during the Parthian period.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency [September 06, 2018]



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