3,000 year old pottery kilns unearthed in Lubuskie


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Archaeologists discovered the remains of the Lusatian culture settlement during studies in Motylewo near Gorzow Wielkopolski, western Poland. Valuable discovery are two pottery kilns containing vessels, whose age is estimated at about 3,000 years.

3,000 year old pottery kilns unearthed in Lubuskie
Processed pieces of pottery from the period of the Lusatian culture, discovered during
excavations in Motylewo [Credit: PAP/Lech Muszynski]

“The uniqueness of these kilns lies in the fact that inside the firing chambers we have found several already fired vessels” – told PAP Pawel Kazmierczak from the Lubusz Museum in Gorzow Wielkopolski.

To date, archaeologists on site have recorded forty other archaeological objects remaining after the prehistoric settlement, among them the remains of surface structures, storage pits and hearths. Several thousand pieces of pottery were dug up during the study.

Scientists are currently working on gluing the vessels back together. Among them is a large storage vessel ornamented with plastic strip. The remaining dozen vessels are slightly smaller.

“Several vessels were burnt probably during unsuccessful firing, and perhaps because of their deformation and surface burnt in fire the Lusatian potter left his treasures in the ground” – added Kazmierczak.

The vessels found in kilns will be added to the collection of the Lubusz Museum in Gorzow Wielkopolski.

Excavations are carried out during the construction of the sewage system in the commune Bogdaniec near Gorzow.

Source: PAP – Science and Scholarship in Poland [March 17, 2014]



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