3,000-year-old iron smelting site discovered in Xinjiang


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Archaeologists in Xinjiang have found the earliest known iron-making site in Xinjiang, which dates back at least 3,000 years.

3,000-year-old iron smelting site discovered in Xinjiang
3,000-year-old iron smelting site discovered in Xinjiang

According to Wang Yongqiang, a researcher with the Xinjiang Institute of Archaeology, the institute discovered coal ash, cinder, partially burnt coal and coal storage at the site of a human settlement dating back to before 1,000 BC.

The site, located in Nilka County, has been under excavation since 2015. The finding indicates that inhabitants of the site were already using coal 3,000 years ago.

Ruan Qiurong, another researcher at the institute, said that iron nuggets were also discovered at the site.

“This is the earliest iron-making site in Xinjiang. Before this, the earliest iron-making site dated back to 1,000 BC,” he explained.

The iron nuggets have been collected for further study.

Source: People’s Daily Online [September 14, 2016]



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