2,700-year-old watchtower discovered in southern Israel


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A 2,700-year-old watchtower was discovered at a military base in southern Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority said Wednesday.

2,700-year-old watchtower discovered in southern Israel
The remains of the ancient watchtower [Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority]

The watchtower was built during the reign of Hezekiah King of Judah was revealed in archaeological excavations at a base of paratroopers.

The tower was made of large stones, weighing up to 8 tons each, and covers an area of 17.5 square meters at a high geographical point.

2,700-year-old watchtower discovered in southern Israel
The watchtower dates back to the 8th century BC [Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority]

In the days of the First Jewish Temple (1000 BC-586 BC), the Kingdom of Judah built a network of towers and fortresses that were used as points of communication, warning and signalling.

This watchtower is one of the observation points that connected the large cities in the area.

The activity in the ancient tower lasted until the military campaign of Sennacherib, the king of Assyria, in 701 BC. During the campaign, 46 cities and about 2,000 villages and farms were destroyed in Judah.

Source: Xinhua News Agency [June 20, 2019]



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