2,500-year-old tombs discovered in Serbia


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The skeletel remains of ancient warriors with spears and daggers have been uncovered in an archaeological site during the construction of the Corridor 10 highway project in south-east Serbia.

2,500-year-old tombs discovered in Serbia
Archaeological field surveys through the region of Pirot, south-eastern Serbia, culminated in a discovery of graves from the Iron Age that contain skeletal remains of warriors together with their spears and knives [Credit: In Serbia News]

According to experts the remains date back 2,500 years and were found in the ancient district of Pirot named Suburbium where the ancient Roman road, Via Militaris, headed to what is now the border of modern day Bulgaria.

”We have found three skeletal remains of warriors with spears, daggers and bronze ornaments, and decorations of various kinds,” said Mirjana Blagojevic, archaeologist from Serbia’s institute for the protection of cultural patrimony.

Predrag Pejic, archaeologist from the Ponisavlje Museum of Pirot, said this was a very important discovery.

It was particularly significant because for the first time ever, archaeologists have uncovered the entire corpse compared to previous archeological finds where the remains were buried after cremation.

Source: ANSA [June 12, 2013]



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