2000 year-old tomb found in western Turkey


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Turkish road workers found 2000 years old tomb during the road rehabilitation works in Southern Turkish city of Kutahya on Monday. 

Road workers who unearthed ancient tomb near the Aydogdu village of Kutahya. They also found skeleton shoes and socks. 

Kutahya Museum Director Metin Turktuzun said they found burial chambers which dates back two thousands years old. 

“We found many ceramic, porcelain plates and water jugs. Kutahya’s history dated back the early ancient period and our city is very rich in the fields of history,” Turktuzun noted. 

Museum Director Turktuzun also noted that tomb has two rooms walls wall of the tomb full of the red paint figures. “The burial structure of the front door enters a small room. Inside, there are three-digit threshold. The front room, vaulted over the square-shaped. Tomb is 3 meters height, 2.5 meters width, 4 feet high,” added Turktuzun. 

Source: World Bulletin [May 17, 2011]



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