2,000-year-old Hercules relief damaged in NW Turkey


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An ancient Greek relief carved on a rock face of a quarry about 2,000 years ago in the northwestern Turkish province of Bursa’s İznik (Greek Nikaia) district has been damaged by vandals.

2,000-year-old Hercules relief damaged in NW Turkey
Credit: AA

The life-sized relief, which has been vandalised in the past, has now been attacked by what appears to be a drill, producing a large hole in the face.

The damage to the Hercules relief has caused outrage among local residents who have demanded that the site, which was declared a protected area by the Turkish Council of Monuments in 1990, be better protected.

According to the residents, not only is the site of the ancient quarry full of garbage, but chemical waste from olive processing in the area is also causing significant damage to the relief.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [July 23, 2020]



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