2,000-year-old archeological remains found in Nepal


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The ruins of 2000-year-old buildings have been found in Kichakbadhsthal, a historic place in Jhapa district in eastern Nepal in the course of excavation, Xinhua informed. 

The remains of walls of buildings made of bricks measuring 36 centimeters long, 26 centimeters wide and 5 centimeters thick have been unearthed, reported the National News Agency RSS on Sunday. 

They were excavated from one meter under the surface. An earthen lamp and an urn have been also found at the excavation site. 

According to Uddav Acharya, chief officer at the Department of Archeology, the archeological remains found in the area bear a resemblance to those of buildings constructed 2,000 years ago. 

The condition of the remains shows the buildings were collapsed by a strong earthquake. 

According to Sismic, a French organization studying about earthquake, the buildings might have been collapsed by the earthquake that took place in the fifth century.  

Source: New Kerala [April 04, 2011]



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