12 early Christian tombs discovered in Constanta


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Several tombs dating from the third to sixth centuries AD were discovered in Constanta, the oldest still-populated city in Romania. The discovery was accidental, made by crews working on the foundation of a house on Grivita Street, not far from the main Post Station. The National Museum of History and Archaeology was promptly informed, and the site was closed for further archaeological investigation.

12 early Christian tombs discovered in Constanta
Romanian archaeologists Octavian Mitroi excavating 
one of the graves [Credit: telegrafonline.ro]

Local archaeologists Octavian Mitroi and Constantin Sova supervised the project, which unearthed 12 tombs, some of which are early Christian. Bones and remains unearthed at the site were transported to the National Museum of History and Archaeology for analysis. The workers may resume construction work on the house foundation after all archaeological discoveries are safely removed from the site.

The 12 tombs were discovered in an area known to have been a former cemetery in Tomis, the historic city, which was founded in 600 BC. The area is very large, stretching from the center to the seafront. The National Museum of History and Archaeology has so far failed to reveal when the remains will be available for public viewing, or where they will be exhibited.

Author: Cristina Drafta | Source: Agrophilia Travel News [May 14, 2014]



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